Third Wave Rooibos Tea

Rooibos, is a unique shrub belonging to the fynbos family of plants growing around the Cederberg Mountains, tucked along the Atlantic coastline north of Cape Town. Our passion for this rare tea is as strong as our love of coffee, and that’s why we have enjoyed the goodness of rooibos for years by extracting it as an espresso, which unlike any other tea yields a rich crema just like coffee. Paired with our signature maple blend (Montreal is after all very much part of our DNA!), it becomes a wholesome, lightly sweet, antioxidant boost and the perfect caffeine-free alternative for the whole family. Inspired by the rich biodiverse Cape Floral kingdom surrounding our Cape Town headquarters, we have collections of rooibos and fynbos botanical-infused bakery delicacies, teas and cold brewed drinks, expertly highlighting this awesome gift of nature from the tip of Africa.

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